Family Practice

Jack Corley, M.D. 318.256.5700
Gregory Founds, M.D. 318.256.2000
Chet Gregory,M.D. 318.256.2000
Christopher Rankin, M.D. 318.645.6161

Internal Medicine

Mark Holder, M.D. 318.256.2000
Eric Holt, M.D. 318.645.6161
Kathleen Kautz, M.D. 318.256.6037



Husam Sukerek M.D. 318.256.5722

General Surgery

Khaled Ghorab MD. 337.238.6161
Larry Sasaki MD. 318.746.7272


Anil Chhabra M.D. 318.212.3858
Rodney Reeves, M.D. 318.798.9400


Lauren Anderson, MD 318.238.6301

Orthopedic Surgery

Steven Kautz MD. 318.352.7768

Nurse Practitioners

Steven Deville, 318.256.2000
Gretchen Wilkerson 318.645.6161
Melissa Vines 318.256.2000
Jarrett Rule 318.256.2000

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

James Wagley, LCSW 318.256.20000


Under provisions of LA R.S. 22: 1880, we are obligated to provide, at enrollee or insured’s request, a list of providers that may bill for services (contracted services) other than Sabine Medical Center.

Contracted Provider Service for Radiological interpretation; X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine

Precision Radiology
201 West Vermilion, Suite 200
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
Phone Number: 337.704.0415

You may request information from your health insurance issuer as to whether these physicians are contracted with your health insurance issuer and under what circumstances you may be responsible for payment of any amounts not paid by the health insurance issuer.

If you have any questions of Sabine Medical Center, please contact us at 318.256.5691 and ask for the billing office or a financial counselor.

We know you have a choice and want to thank you for choosing SABINE MEDICAL CENTER for your health care needs.