Our New CEO, Mr. Calvin Green

Sabine Medical Center would like to welcome our new CEO Mr. Calvin Green.

Sabine Medical Center is an acute care 48 bed hospital located in Many, Louisiana, the Parish sits at the heart of Toledo Bend Country. It is the only hospital in the Parish. We offer exceptional patient care with a personal touch.

Sabine Medical Center is very proud of the fact that our staff is known to the people that use our facility. The hospital has eight active staff physicians serving in Family Practice, Pediatrics, Emergency Room Medicine, and Internal Medicine. There are also three Nurse Practitioners seeing patients from two Rural Health Clinics, one located in Many, and in Zwolle. There is also a variety of Specialty Clinics serving the citizens of Sabine Parish (Oncology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, ENT, and Cardiology. We have a children’s Dental Surgeon coming from Alexandria so our area can be better served.

At this time Sabine Medical Center is working on improving the image of the hospital. We have already remodeled the front of the hospital by adding a new lobby area for outpatient services. The Emergency Room has now been fully remodeled and operating for the Sabine Parish residents.